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PlaceMyBrand is a Media Buying, Marketing & Sales Agency.

That Offers Uniquely Modern Marketing & Sales Solutions To Our Clients.

NO. Spam we hate it more than you do.

Leading Media Buying, Marketing & Sales Agency


Founded in November of 2016 PlaceMyBrand is a media buying, marketing and sales agency that offers uniquely modern marketing and sales solutions to our clients.

We Aspire

 to be known for our superior creative and efficient solutions to all our clients’ needs. PlaceMyBrand has a national coverage of services from
small to large size campaigns.

Our mission

Is to give our clients the peace of mind that their promotional message and brand will be delivered to the consumer creatively whilst exploring various markets and industries with the end results exceeding expectations.

Our Angle?

Our aim is to increasing commercial and marketing results. We understand that with recent tough economic conditions the working-class consumer has been vigilant in how and where they use their money, in an effort to curb unnecessary spending.

The consumer is even more vigilant with where and who they trust to keep their money. In order for the working-class consumer to give you their hard-earned money and essentially trust you, you need to establish trust with the working-class target market. The working-class consumer considers 4 factors when purchasing:

Brand identification
• Brand message and clear  communication thereof
• Price point of product
• Convenience

The success of getting the product to the consumers is dependent not only on the size of the sales force but also on the quality brand message. PlaceMyBrand’s goal is to create sustainable growth in the client’s product sales through effective implementation of Media Buying Strategy, Direct Marketing and sales strategies. The aim is to achieve growing results even after the campaign has ended.

What we do?



Currently offer the following services and products:

Media Buying:

• Campus/ Student radio station 

Community radio station

Commercial /PBS radio station

Brand Activations | Direct Sales | Promotions

Student / Campus radio stations are not only a key medium for universities to reach out to and interact with the university community, brands also have the opportunity to speak directly to the youth and influence buying patterns and brand association within the youth market:

Home LP

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Our Angle?

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